Merchandising & Buying Services

What you might expect

Each business is truly unique, Buying and Merchandising strategies & planning are at the heart of my expertise.  Here is a range of the types of projects which I could work on with you, but its certainly not limited to this list. 

Merchandising Strategy & Planning

    • Defining your customer and brand vision.  Summarising key findings to translate into a strategic plan

    • Leading an in-depth analysis of current metrics.  Offering tailored solutions to achieve sales and profitability.

    • Achieving a curated brand offer, differentiated from the market and aimed at your target customer

    • Reviewing the market, giving insight into competitors and building a business Unique Selling Point (USP)

    • Strategising short and long term goals

    • Branch segmentation

Category & Seasonal Planning

    • Total Department reviews and Seasonal innovation plans

    • Category and product reviews to identify gaps and expansion plans

    • Sku rationalisation and developing guidelines for future range builds.

    • Product lifecycle review and defining innovation strategy

    • Recommending architectures on Price, Product and Value

Inventory Planning and Trading

    • Sales and margin forecasting through annual trading curves

    • Stock forecasting to achieve optimum cover and sell through rates

    • Trading calendars and aligning to marketing plans

    • Promotional planning and margin modelling

Supply Chain Management

    • Supply Base Review and Defining Strategy for re-balancing

    • Managing Contract negotiation

    • Leading Supplier Tenders

Digital Trading and Web Analytics

    • Reviewing website customer journeys with actions to improve conversion and click through metrics.

    • Developing CRM and site plans to deliver sales opportunities and customer engagement.

    • Promotion planning and market calendar events

    • User experience (UX) insights on site look and feel, producing brand guidelines to enhance brand credibility and customer ease of shopping

I pride myself in being collaborative, friendly and positive who will work with you to identify the challenges you are facing within your business, there is no one size fits all. Outcomes will be tailored to your specific goals and objectives. 


Benefits of engaging me to consult with you can be also varied, but here is what your business could experience : 

    • Improved sales and profitability

    • Reduced complexity

    • Clear short term and long term plans for developing your brand

    • Improved brand credibility and market differentiation

    • Reduction in overstocks and improved availability

    • Defined guidelines for future assortment builds

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